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my design philosophy


What does that mean to you? Perhaps this word evokes feelings of comfort and security. My goal is to enhance that feeling so that "home" becomes synonymous with serenity, beauty, and functionality. Together, we create a home atmosphere that streamlines chaos into order, allowing your home to reflect your thoughts and values. This is my passion: helping people craft their singular Home and live their best lives. Every home is completely unique and personalized with your life in mind.

My expertise lies in creating home systems that maximize enjoyment, functionality, and beauty, all while minimizing frustration. You could buy a multitude of products to organize your home, but this won't improve your daily habits. Long-lasting organization is less about what you buy, and more about implementing a thoughtful system to facilitate a well-designed life.

I look forward to knowing you and what gives your life meaning, as well as what makes you feel mindful and organized.

about Jayne

I have craved order for as long as I can remember. As a child, I loved cleaning out the toy box and arranging everything just for fun. Recreating a space to meet a new need has always been a favorite pastime of mine.

As a mother of five children, I maintain a deep desire for joy, order, and peace. As a family going through the stages of development, I have learned to continually adapt our lifestyle and our home so we remain focused on what we value: love, connection, and enjoying life with each other.

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Mindful, beautiful

a wondrous space called home

so welcoming and warm


Envision a space

of order and calm

breathe it in... home

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